In EACH city, there will be there $500 daily competitions per week, two $2,000 weekly competitions and four $5,000 monthly competitions = $20,000.
In other words:

  • Twelve $500 daily competitions per month (3X per week) = $6,000 per month
  • Eight $2,000 weekly competitions per month = $16,000 per month
  • Four $5,000 monthly competitions each month = $20,000 per month

Yes, one person based on fan vote, could win $42,000 per month equal to $504,000 annually.

Or, win one weekly competition and take home $2,000 in a month. Pay rent and a car payment. BOOM!

One person, one vote (and we verify accounts). Don’t be tryin’ to cheat and such.

A user can compete in every competition in their city. No limits.

One post for each competitor per competition.

We’ll launch with 5 cities (TBD), and eventually have competitions in the top 50 cities across the country. In 24 months.

Absolutely! We love hearing about amazing non-profits and ministries. The more the merrier! We vet and verify they are legitimate 501c3s. We’ll have a rotating list of 10 non-profits each month.